Baking Equipment (Baking):

100 Wooden Lolly Sticks

Large Rectangular Cooling Rack

Deluxe Square Cooling Rack

Ceramic Baking Beans

Egg Separator

Bowl Scraper

Cake Lifter

Pasty or Turnover Moulds

Pancake & Doughnut Batter Dispenser

Lolly Moulds with Sippers

Single Cookie Cutters (Baking):

Shamrock Cookie Cutter

Mixing Bowls (Baking):

Plastic Pudding Basin and Lid

Pastry Making (Baking):

Stainless Steel Pastry Blender

Ceramic Baking Beans

Pasty or Turnover Moulds

Pastry Cutter Sets (Baking):

Leaf Shaped Cookie Cutters

7 Round Plastic Pastry & Biscuit Cutters

Square Cookie Cutter Tin

11 Round Fluted Cutters

11 Round Plain Cutters

Butterfly and Flower Cookie Cutters

Pack of 6 Stainless Steel Double Edged Pastry Cutters

Bread Making (Baking):

Dough Cutter

Set of 4 Non-Stick Mini Loaf Tins