Silverwood Victoria Surprise Cake Tin Set

Silverwood silver anodised bakeware incorporates Heat Spread Technology and an easy release finish.

This Victoria Surprise set consists of two round cake pans with two bases each (one flat and one raised) to make the Victoria Surprise cake.
Simply make two cakes with a traditional receipe, fill the 'well' that is formed in the middle of one of the cakes and sandwich them together, the 'surprise' filling will be hidden inside the cake.

As the filling is held within a protective ring of sponge, it won't squeeze out when the cake is cut so every slice comes out fully loaded with goodies.

Available in either 7"/18cm or 8"/20cm.
Description Size Price Qty
Silverwood Victoria Surprise 7in
17.5cm/7in £23.99 Add to Basket
Silverwood Victoria Surprise 8in
20cm/8in £29.95 Add to Basket

Silverwood 7in/18cm Victoria Surprise Bases

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