WM Bartleet & Sons Porcelain (Table China):

Single Serving Sauce Boat with Saucer

China Avocado Dish

Coeur De Creme Mould

Double Egg Cup

White China Spoon Rest

White Porcelain Ramekin Various Sizes

Mini White Porcelain Ramekin

White China Mug

White China Gravy Boat with Saucer

White Porcelain Salt Pig

Small China Salt Pig with Wooden Spoon

Oval Pie Dish

China Butter/Terrine Dish with Lid Various Sizes

White China Utensil Pot

Milk Churn Jugs Various Sizes

Deep Souffle Dish Various Sizes

White China Garlic Storage Pot

China Egg Cup

China Gravy Boat

Deep Ramekin - Various Sizes

Traditional Square Baker

Round Flan Dish - Various Sizes

White China Espresso Cup & Saucer

Round China Pie Dish

White Porcelain Salt Spoon

White China Mini Round Dish 10cm

Mint Sauce Boat with Saucer

Gravy Fat Separator

Cheese Dish with Lid

Sugar/Jam Pot with Lid and Spoon

Traditional Footed China Mug

Tea Cup & Saucer

Mini Porcelain Milk Jugs Various Sizes

China Cow Milk Jug / Creamer

Rectangular Baker