CDN Meat/Yeast Cooking Thermometer

Practical ovenproof thermometer for meat and yeast for breadmaking.

When cooking meat, the thermometer should be inserted at least 2 inches into the meat or poultry and away from any bone. If the meat is an irregular shape, check the temperature in several different places. (This is especially important when cooking poultry.)
It will take 1-2 minutes for the temperature to register.
Can remain in food during cooking and the meat should be allowed to 'rest' for 10 to 15 minutes after it is removed from oven. This allows time for the meat’s internal temperature to stabilize.

Breadmaking: Insert the stem of the thermometer into the center of the bread dough. Expect the bread to be done when the temperature is 190–200 F. Yeast is dormant until combined with warm water. The ideal temperature for this is 105°F–115°F/40°C–46°C. At temperatures of 120°F/49°C and above the yeast is destroyed. This is why it is important to use to check the temperature of the liquid the yeast is combined with.
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Meat/Yeast Cooking Thermometer
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